The Isle of Yarn

Illustration, worldbuilding
Pencil, Photoshop, gouache, and collage

The Isle of Yarn is about a society of women who live in harmony with one another and with nature. However, the isle is at risk due to enemy invaders who are hunting the rabbits to sell their pelts.

Triptych One:
The Isle

The first part of my thesis is about a fictional community of women who have a special bond with magical rabbits. It focuces on craft-making, community between women, as well as the process of making and unmaking.

Triptych Two:
The Enemy

The second part of my thesis is about an outside enemy force coming to hunt and kill the rabbits to sell their fur for a profit. It explores themes of capitalism and colonialism, as well as resource use and abuse of the environment.


-The original pencil sketch
-Line drawing of assets done by pencil
-Photoshop color of assets
-Painting gouache textures on assets printed onto watercolor paper
-Digital collage of assets
-Pencil textures to be overlayed onto final piece
-Gouache on digital collage printed on watercolor paper
-Final piece